Trait Survey

This instrument aims to measure motivation to achieve, as determined by covert responses classified as follows:
  • Affective:

    expectations of positive effect from achievement- oriented activity. These reflect an individual’s positive attitude toward life, enabling one to see life and tasks as a means to attain pleasant outcomes.

  • Conceptual:

    seeing oneself as capable of success, of attaining set goals in achievement- oriented situations and specific tasks.

  • Purposive:

    the ability to set up goals for the self- direction of behavior. These reflect a person’s responsiveness to, capacity for, and facility in setting up performance goals for the present and the future.

  • Instrumental:

    knowledge of the instrumental steps or behaviors necessary for successful achieving. It begins with a realization a personal responsibility for action and personal control over outcomes.

  • Evaluative:

    reflect an individual’s capacity for and facility in self-assessment and self- evaluation against an internal standard of excellence.