1 ASSESSMENT FORENGINEERINGPOTENTIAL AEP A combination ofthree(3) tests to form astrong base for selectingstudents for the next step - theUpper Engineering division level Engineering Aptitude Test - which measuresthe “innate-based” learned abilities(Mechanical, Structural Visualization,Logic and Abstract) Engineering Achievement Test - which measures what has been learned in the lower Engineering division level:(Algebra, Calculus, Geometry, Trigonometry, Drafting, Physics, Chemistry, Communication Skills) Engineering Attitudinal Inventory/Study Habits - which assesses the traits that are essential to an engineer or which may contribute to one’s success in the Engineering profession. It also measures study habits acquired through years of schooling. A good preparation for the Engineering Board Exam Asian Psychological Services & Assessment

Assessment for Engineering Potential (AEP)

The AEP is a comprehensive assessment designed to identify students with the potential to succeed in the upper level of the engineering program. It covers the following tests:

Engineering Aptitude Test is designed to measure fundamental intellectual abilities or the “innate-based” learned abilities. It consists of the following subtests:

Engineering Achievement Test measures proficiency in general education courses taken in the lower division level, that is, the first two years of the engineering program. These courses include:

Best Engineering Traits Inventory measures an individual’s likelihood of possessing a wide array of personal traits that are desirable for one’s success in the Engineering profession. It consists of subscales: