Assessment for High School Potential (AHP)

AHP is designed to be used as one of the tools in assessing the potential of Grade six students to do High School work.

The results give a view of how prepared the student is for academic work in the high school level.

The AHP is a broad-based assessment instrument that yields information on two domains: Achievement and Aptitude .

Achievement Test - This component measures proficiency in the core subject areas of the grade school curriculum. The test encompasses measurement of facts, skills, concepts and application in:
Aptitude Test - Measures the innate-based learned abilities that has been developed by their life experiences and consists of
Affective Component - Measures study habits of students in the following following dimensions:
Asian Psychological Services & Assessment Assessment for High School Potential A H P A COMPREHENSIVE TEST TO ASSESS THEPOTENTIAL OF ELEMENTARY SCHOOLGRADUATES TO TACKLE THE HIGH SCHOOLACADEMIC LEVEL AND CAN ALSO BE USED FOR SCREENING DIAGNOSIS CONSISTS OF THREE(3) MAJOR COMPONENTS: assesses school-basedlearned abilities tappingknowledge and skillslearned in grade school particulary in the subject areas of English, Mathematics and Science measures learned abilitiesthat have been developed bytheir life experiences andconsists of Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning, and a segment on non-verbal cognitive skills, specifically Abstract Reasoning measures study habits of students in the following dimensions: Planning, Organization, Time Management, Metacognition, Self-Regulation, Response Inhibition, Task Initiation, Flexibility and Persistence. AffectiveComponent AchievementTest AptitudeTest 1 3 2